The body


The balance between the production and elimination of fat is maintained through a natural process carried out by cells called adipocytes. Even with a perfectly healthy lifestyle, the activity of these cells tends to slow down over time, leading to an acceleration of fat storage and a constriction of blood and lymphatic vessels.

Slimming often comes at the expense of your beautiful curves ! You generally don’t lose weight where you want to. The endermologie®technique targets and slims the areas that need it most (arms, back, stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs, etc.). By stimulating the slimming cells (adipocytes), it targets the natural release of fat (+70%*), even the fat most resistant to physical exercise and diet. At the same time, the mechanical action of the LPG treatment head helps to boost circulatory exchanges.


Cellulite, which affects 90% of women (even the thinnest and most athletic), results from fat storage in the adipocytes (fat cells) and fluid retention in the body. As the adipocytes enlarge, the surrounding connective tissue (septa) pulls on the skin surface and produces dimpling. At the same time, local circulation is slowed and metabolic wastes accumulate. Cellulite appears, with its orange peel aspect.

Various techniques to treat:
-Aqueous cellulite : This type is caused by fluid retention due to sluggish blood and lymph circulation. It is important to increase local circulatory exchanges.
-Apidiose cellulite: This type of cellulite is often associated with weight gain. It is necessary to stimulate natural fat release.
-Fibrotic cellulite: Fibrotic cellulite is more difficult to treat as it is a long-standing condition. It tends to be compact and often painful. The tissue must first be softened before fibrotic cellulite can be treated.

During the session, endermologie® stimulates the skin and the fat tissue to soften them and make them less fibrotic.
This stimulation also helps to target fat and to improve local blood and lymphatic circulation.


Due to weight fluctuations, pregnancies, aging and other factors, the skin gradually loses its tonicity and suppleness.
Even though this skin sagging affects the entire body, certain areas are more prone to it: inner thighs, stomach, arms, etc.

The motorized rollers of the LPG treatment head gently stimulate the fibroblasts, the cells responsible for skin youth. Once stimulated, these cells begin to re-synthesize collagen (+240%*) and elastin, which are essential natural substances for skin firmness.

Session after session, the skin quality improves and the skin becomes visibly more toned.


The body’s shape is often asymmetrical, and curves may look uneven. The most affected areas are generally the waist, stomach, thighs, and above all, the buttocks. Indeed if you regularly cross your legs while sitting, you are affecting the shape of your buttocks, making them appear flatter or more asymmetrical!

Thanks to a series of specific maneuvers, the endermologie®technique resculpts your body (especially the gluteal fold) for beautiful curves.

Your body regains its beautiful curves and your figure becomes more shapely.


Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs, or swollen feet and ankles, are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Fluctuations in fluid retention can occur over the course of a single day or throughout a woman’s cycle. What are the factors? Prolonged standing or sitting, a sodium-rich diet, overly tight clothing or high temperatures can disturb the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Thanks to the different settings of the LPG treatment head, the endermologie® technique helps to stimulate the circulation (x4*) and relieves the symptoms of fluid retention.

An instantaneous feeling of well-being. The ankles appear more defined, legs feel lighter and quickly regain a slimmer appearance. This drainage of the legs is as efficient as it is enjoyable.