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Who are we ?

Esthetique Valbonne offers you various treatments to maintain your beauty and preserve your freshness for as long as possible.
Care Endermologie face, body or cosmetics, we guarantee a unique and quality result.
We are equipped with the latest generation of LPG equipment. 

More than 20 years of experience as a kinesitherapist and 10 years of specialization in endermology, we are committed to ensuring you a high quality service for a unique result using the latest techniques of the moment.

Do not hesitate to visit us for a personalized care.

Our material

Discover the Fitness of the skin: Discover the only technique of endermologie aui naturally activates the cellular activity,
Disconnect and close or you want: A technique that naturally promotes the elimination of even the most resistant fats.
Endermologie: Opt for the only non-invasive technique of mechanical skin simulation to naturally reactivate cell metabolism.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to re-designate your silhouette by triggering in depth the de-stocking of fat resistant to exercise and diets.
Thanks to a comprehensive treatment, come to benefit from our anti-aging and slimming techniques, so that your skin regains elasticity, tonicity and radiance.
The protocols of care are chosen according to the different types of morphology.
The painless and relaxing massages adjust according to the sensitivity of each area to be treated.

Ladies and gentlemen, remodel your figure and find the harmony of your body, slim down at the desired places, it is the promise held by Valbonne Esthétique.

Our techniques are a possible third way between esthetic solutions too aggressive and potentially harmful in the long term and cosmetic solutions too superficial. Between visible results and respect for our organization, there is no more choice to make.

A detailed analysis of your silhouette to define together, according to your needs and your objectives, your personalized slimming program.
The results and the performance of the method are visible and measurable after a few sessions of care. The superfluous centimeters at the waist, hips, thighs and knees are quickly resorbed.

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